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I’ll take anything, ANYTHING on the Pretty Little Liars series finale!! — Jess
Although most fans are looking forward to finding out the identity of A.D., there’s another big reveal coming in the show’s final two hours: Who’s the daddy? “I think fans are going to be surprised when they find out who the father of Emily/Alison’s baby is,” showrunner I. Marlene King says. “That’s one question we’re going to find out.” Any guesses?

Do you know who survived the explosion on Arrow? — Karen
EP Marc Guggenheim cautions not to feel safe in the assumption that most of the core characters will definitely survive because they’re expected to return next season. “I know everyone is trying to determine who survives, who dies, what is the result of the cliffhanger based upon people’s contractual status, and I would say that’s not necessarily a good idea,” he says. “The example I like to point to is that was true in Walking Dead. They had a season finale similar where you had a group of characters, all of whom were series regulars, in a dire situation at the end of their season. Just because they were series regulars did not mean that everyone came out of that cliffhanger alive.”

Anything on #OneChicago shows? — Melodie
There will be some fresh blood coming to Chicago Fire next season. According to EP Derek Haas, the show will soon be casting for a new recurring female friend of Sylvie Brett’s from her hometown who shows up at Firehouse 51 — and who might be trouble.

What do you have on Legends of Tomorrow season 3? — Tara
The Legends of Tomorrow will find themselves facing off against Rip Hunter (and his new Time Bureau) once again next season, but it will be very different from what we saw last year. “In season 2, he was turned evil,” EP Marc Guggenheim says. “This is not Evil Rip. We’re not making Rip a bad guy or that kind of villain, rather this is Rip as… the Ronny Cox in Beverly Hills Cop to our Eddie Murphy. He’s the guy who’s trying to do things the proper way, follow the rules, get things done with a certain level of efficiency, and here come our Legends of Tomorrow, who go about things a bit more unorthodox.”

Are the Mikaelsons seriously considering separating?! The Originals finale promos have me worried. — Dana
Let’s put it this way: They will do anything to save Hope, and if that’s their only option, they’re definitely going to consider it. But regardless of what decision they make about how to fight the Hollow, it won’t be the only big decision of the hour. By the end of the finale, a main character will completely change their life.

How will Joan crossing over to the dark side come back to haunt her next season on Elementary? — Kelly
She may come to regret making a deal with the devil. “On paper, it would appear Joan’s business with Julio ‘Halcon’ Zelaya is concluded,” EP Rob Doherty says. “He gave her evidence that she was able to use to bring his sister’s killer to justice, but Halcon may not see it the way Joan sees it. He may think she owes him a favor, not the other way around. Gang leaders are funny that way.”

Scoop on The Blacklist please! — Aly
It is probably no coincidence that when Red was kidnapped 30 years ago, it was by Russians — and there’s a good chance the show may revisit that fateful mission in the future. “Potentially,” EP Jon Bokenkamp says. “It lines up with the mythology. There’s a reason why it was Russians, Katarina was Russian, Reddington was a naval intelligence officer who was dealing with the Russians, so yes it is part of that fabric, but that wasn’t intended as a big clue. That was more so just to feather in nicely to the mythology and the backstory with all our characters because that’s where he would’ve been working.”

Are we going to meet new neighbors on The Big Bang Theory next year? — Carlisle
You mean because of that empty apartment downstairs? Not likely. That was built purely for one joke. “Honestly, I pitched it as a ridiculous joke that I need to get out of my head,” EP Steve Molaro says. “It was just a visual sight gag on the heels of their lab in the security building being cleaned out for them to then come home and the apartment to appear to be cleaned out as well. It was really nothing more than a joke I thought we would never even do because it sounded difficult to have to empty out our entire set. In fact, we did not empty out our entire set, we rebuilt the apartment on the stage empty.”

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Additional reporting by Samantha Highfill.

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