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The fifth and final season of BBC America’s hit sci-fi series, Orphan Black is upon us and the cast knows the first two episodes were dense. Thankfully, they stopped by Entertainment Weekly: The Show to recap highlights of the second episode and prepare viewers for what’s to come this week.

“I am proud to say that one of the things that happens in this episode is a direct result of a kitchen party in the house that I was living in with my family in Toronto,” Maria Doyle Kennedy (who plays Siobhan Sadler) says. “At one of the parties, Kristian Bruun (who plays Donnie Hendrix) did something so outrageously amazing and [co-creator] Graeme Manson happened to be there and he wrote it into the episode.”

Though Bruun told Manson there’s “no way that you can get this and this into the same episode,” Manson managed.

As for P.T. Westmoreland, star Tatiana Maslany promises we’ll be seeing much more of him going forward. “He factors in heavily,” she says.

Need more teases? You’ll have to watch the clip above. Orphan Black airs Saturdays at 10 p.m. on BBC America.

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