Samantha Bee devoted a segment on Wednesday’s episode of Full Frontal to words and how certain terms and phrases have lost all meaning since Donald Trump was elected president.

“He had the best words and he took them and hid them,” Bee joked after playing a clip of Trump infamously claiming he had “the best words.”

Bee noted how the word “lies” has remained elusive in a post-Trump world. “We looked everywhere but could not find the lost word,” she said before playing clips of news coverage calling lies “deliberate misstatements,” “alternative facts,” “unsupported,” and “unsubstantiated,” among other words.

The host later took aim at “fake news,” a term used to define stories which are deliberate and spurious in content that has been corrupted to indict real stories that might be damaging to its subject.

“Okay, those words are useless now,” she said after playing a clip of Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway calling predictions Trump would lose the election “fake news.” “One day, ‘fake news’ meant a deliberate hoax, the next it meant an erroneous prediction.”

Watch the segment above.