Here's a sneak peek of what happens when a criminal meets a movie producer

When EPIX’s new series Get Shorty debuts this story, it will bring a new twist to the story of criminals trying to make it in Hollywood. Though it shares a name with both Elmore Leonard’s novel and the 1996 Barry Sonnenfeld film, the series does not share any of those stories’ characters. In the vein of FX’s Fargo, it is a “remix” of the original story with similar themes and situations but with a darker sense of humor (much closer to the Coen Brothers vibe of Fargo, in fact). In this exclusive clip from the first episode, for instance, low-level criminal Miles Daly (Chris O’Dowd) tries presenting B-movie producer Rick Moreweather (Ray Romano) with a movie script. Never mind that the script has a giant bloodstain on it.

Miles has hit a rough patch lately. His criminal activities have led to a separation with his wife and daughter, and he’s looking for a change and a way back into their good graces. He decides to try being a movie producer, and is unafraid to use some of the unsavory skills he’s picked up along the way.

“Miles has a skill set he’s developed as a criminal — he knows how to pressure people to get them to do what he wants them to do — and it turns out that’s a great skill set in Hollywood,” showrunner Davey Holmes says. “Being brutal about things gives you an edge over everyone else in Hollywood.”

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As seen in the clip above, however, Rick isn’t super receptive to Miles’ offer. He’s dealing with problems of his own.

“Rick Moreweather is the son of a very famous Italian art film director, and he lives in his father’s shadow,” Holmes explains. “Rick thought he would follow in his father’s footsteps until he realized he didn’t have the talent for that. He’s never been able to get the respect of his father but found he could make a living by making direct-to-DVD crappy movies, genre pictures of one sort or another. He has carved out a place for himself and makes a living, but when we meet him he’s just had a movie fold so he’s in a tough spot financially.”

Watch the clip below to see how their first meeting goes. Get Shorty premieres on EPIX Aug. 13.

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