The series was pulled from the schedule before the episode could air

By Derek Lawrence
June 16, 2017 at 05:38 PM EDT
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The night after Adam West was honored with the lighting of the Bat-signal in Los Angeles, fans of the late Batman star are getting another treat: DC Entertainment has released West’s unaired guest appearance on NBC’s canceled superhero comedy Powerless.

In March, EW exclusively revealed that the actor would guest star on the series that was set in the DC Universe and featured many connections to the Caped Crusader. But the freshman comedy was pulled from the network’s schedule before West’s episode could air. Now, a week after the star of the 1960’s Batman TV show died at age 88, “Win, Luther, or Draw” has been released on YouTube.

West portrays Dean West, chairman of Wayne Industries. He arrives in Charm City from Gotham City to make some budget cuts and delivers the bad news to Van (Alan Tudyk) and Emily (Vanessa Hudgens).

“I admit, it’s a bit of a gratuitous cameo,” he deadpans at one point when asked why he’s there.

The episode allows West to make a few fun Batman references, including referring to Emily as Catwoman because of her feline-covered sweater and selling the company to LexCorp.

Watch the full episode above.


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