The presidential adviser appeared on Fox News' 'Fox & Friends' to talk about inflammatory rhetoric in the wake of the Alexandria, Virginia shooting of a GOP rep

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Kellyanne Conway told Fox News’ Fox & Friends early Friday that if she were “shot and killed,” half of Twitter users “would explode in applause and excitement.”

Conway’s remarks came while discussing the recent shooting at a GOP baseball practice in Alexandria, Virginia, which left five people injured including House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA). An adviser to President Donald Trump, Conway told Fox & Friends that she felt increasingly inflammatory rhetoric played a part in the shooting.

“I went back and looked at what exactly what was being discussed on all the TV shows, except yours, at 7:09 a.m. on Wednesday when this happened and it’s a really curious exercise. Because as Steve Scalise was fighting for his life and crawling into right field in a trail of blood, you should go back and see what people were saying about the president and the Republicans at that very moment,” Conway said. “Of course, they had to break in with the news of this tragedy and since then there’s been some introspection — some quieter, more muted voices toning down the rhetoric. But look at Twitter. If I were shot and killed tomorrow, half of Twitter would explode in applause and excitement. This is the world we live in now. It’s terrible because, again, it’s one thing to say I disagree with you on health care repeal, or on taxes, or on your plan for national security. But you can’t attack people personally in a way and think that tragedies like this won’t happen.”

Conway’s comments were quickly called out on social media being contradictory as President Trump frequently makes personal attacks against his political opponents.

In the wake of the shooting on Wednesday, Trump’s son Donald Jr. also cited the current climate as leading to the attack. Donald Jr. retweeted cable news contributor Harlan Hill, who wrote that the Scalise shooting had ties to “NY elites glorifying the assassination of our president” (a reference to a Shakespeare in the Park production of William Shakespeare’s centuries-old play Julius Caesar which never used Trump’s name, but did feature his likeness). Trump’s son added, “This.”

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