Revelations include prank calls, run-ins with the cops, and drugs


Some fathers learned on Jimmy Kimmel Live this week that when dad’s away, the kids will play.

For a special Father’s Day-inspired segment on Thursday, Jimmy Kimmel asked kids on the street in Los Angeles to admit the worst things they’ve done on camera in front of their dads. The acts ranged from using the F-word to doing drugs to getting chased by mall security guards.

Kimmel’s correspondent also found a regular Bart Simpson. “When my friends [are] over and stuff, we do a lot of prank calls,” one kid confessed. He said he likes to call up stores and say things like “poop butt” and “I think I pooped.”

One father got a sextuple dose when all six of his kids were asked to come clean. At least now he knows what happened to his missing earbuds.

Kimmel fans also have the host’s main event for Father’s Day to look forward to: Early in the week, he asked kids to start uploading videos of themselves sneaking up on their dads and shouting, “I love you, dad!” as loud as they can.

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