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You already know HBO has five Game of Thrones prequels in development.

But what about doing one for The Sopranos?

EW recently spoke to creator David Chase for the 10-year anniversary of the groundbreaking drama’s finale. We asked him, in this era of reboots, would he ever want to see The Sopranos revived?

As you might expect, Chase was pretty adamant that he would never want to see the Emmy-winning drama brought back to retread the same ground with a new cast — or to pick up after the show’s cryptic finale. “I wouldn’t want to see that happen, no,” Chase said. “Like recasting? … Everybody’s getting older, you can’t match people anymore.”

But he did surprise us by adding that there is a way he could see the world of The Sopranos returning. “I could conceive of maybe a prequel of The Sopranos,” Chase said. “I could never see [a return of the show] except as a prequel.”

To be clear: HBO says there is no Sopranos prequel currently in development; this is Chase speculatively answering a question. But if Chase and HBO ever wanted to make one, we’d totally vouch for it.

For more Sopranos anniversary news, read our story on Chase, Sopranos writer Terence Winter, director Tim Van Patten and star Drea de Matteo giving an oral history of the death of Adriana la Cerva, which is still considered one of the most heartbreaking scenes in TV history.

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