'Liza is in a dark place for awhile there,' Molly Bernard teases

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With Younger returning to TV Land on June 28 for season 4, the show’s panel at ATX Television was all about spoilers and hints of all the goodness that’s ahead.

“More happens of consequence in season 4 than almost all the seasons before it,” creator Darren Star teased. “There’s a lot of growth and surprises that are in store for all the characters.”

So rather than beat around any bushes with more vagueness than that, we’ll let Star, producer Alison Brown, and the cast in attendance — Miriam Shor, Peter Hermann, Molly Bernard, and Nico Tortorella — do all the tea-spilling. Here are seven spoilers from the panel, which was moderated by EW’s own Jessica Shaw.

1. “Truth” is at the heart of the season premiere

Of course, that would make sense since Liza (Sutton Foster) telling Kelsey (Hilary Duff) the truth about her age was the third season finale’s big cliffhanger. But, given all that’s happened in this country since that moment, the theme feels more timely than ever. “We just hit the zeitgeist in terms of, what is truth? What’s the importance of truth and what’s the value of truth?” Star said, referring especially to some of guest star Kristin Chenoweth’s Kellyanne Conway-like character’s dialogue. “What our entire country is thinking about all the time is what our show’s about.”

2. Kelsey won’t be so forgiving

At least, not right away. “It was really uncomfortable on set when Sutton and Hilary were at odds,” Hermann said. “Because they’re always like this [gestures with his hands close together] and it was like the kid when you’re parents are fighting. But we were all really happy when further along in the season…” Cue the producers cutting him off.

Bernard saved the day while still offering insight into how things are going to go for Liza and Kelsey. “The writers did an amazing job not letting Liza off the hook in terms of Kelsey forgiving Liza,” she said. “It takes a long time. I don’t even know that forgiveness is — something else happens — but Liza is in a dark place for awhile there. Liza has real consequences.”

3. They’re going to Ireland

“It’s a very special episode,” Star said. “A passport does have one’s age on it, so that’s all I have to say.”

4. We’ll learn more about Kelsey’s past

“She’s a strong girl and I think you might learn more about her character and her backstory this season,” Star said. “She has a lot of strength and a lot of toughness. She is basically now playing for herself.”

5. Much ado about Josh and Kelsey

“I think both of our hearts really have been broken by Liza,” Tortorella said. “It makes sense that these two characters find each other because they have nobody else that they can talk to about this.” Later, Tortorella said that Josh “starts to navigate what his relationships with other people look like and just how he can be the best partner to somebody else.” Of course, he did not say whether or not Kelsey was that “somebody else.”

6. Lauren… is still Lauren

“There are some unexpected twists and turns for Lauren,” Bernard teased. “She experiments with her sexuality and she’s still this wild and crazy loyal friend. There is a great moment towards the end of the season where she needs Kelsey in a way that is so sweet.”

7. And she’ll be making up even more words

“Doppelbanger,” anyone?

Younger returns to TV Land on Wednesday, June 28 at 10 p.m. ET.

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