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Spoiler alert! This article contains spoilers from the season premiere of Wynonna Earp so quickly get to another page because you won’t be able to unmake your peace.

Wynonna Earp has a lot on her plate now that season 2 has officially kicked off.

The gun-toting, revenant-banishing Earp heir (played by Melanie Scrofano) may have rescued her partner Agent Dolls (Shamier Anderson), but she also had to bid him goodbye as he went on the run to avoid his former bosses. However, she will have the support of Black Badge in general, now that she, Doc (Tim Rozon), Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley), and Jeremy (a Black Badge scientist played by Varun Saranga) have agreed to a contract with the organization, which they’ve signed in their blood. Nicole (Katherine Barrell), however, remains safe from this deal, though she’s slightly upset at not being included.

And they might need all the help they can get. Willa’s stepping outside of Purgatory’s boundaries with Peacemaker, and Bobo Del Rey’s death has not only scattered the rest of the 77 revenants Wynonna must dispatch back to the afterlife, but also let in a variety of demons and other supernatural monsters from around the Ghost River Triangle area.

EW caught up with showrunner Emily Andras to discuss some of the episode’s big moments and what fans can expect from the rest of the season.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: The season 2 premiere jumped right in, as though season 1 was just setting everything up. Was that the case?
EMILY ANDRAS: That was really important for us. I really just wanted to take off like a rocket ship. We had all these cliff-hangers. I think we had like 11 cliff-hangers that Past Emily delivered on a silver platter with a big note that said “f– you” to Future Emily that we all had to figure out. But in a way, that challenge was really fun. We knew we had to answer all these cliff-hangers in a way that satisfied and felt earned. Because of that, in some ways, we had it easy because we knew we had to rescue Dolls. That had to be what we needed to do. It was the most important and pressing thing. And I think it’s fun sometimes to just start with that energy. In some ways, the last episode last year and the first episode this year feel almost like a two-parter. And then after, episode 2 feels like the first episode of season 2, which I like. It’s just good, too, to start with that energy and that action. Some really sad stuff happened last year, like Wynonna obviously had to shoot Willa. The prospect of just starting with that grief didn’t seem very sexy or fun to me, unfortunately. At the same time, Wynonna’s still going to have to process those emotions and that guilt. So starting with all this action and this ticking time bomb gave us an excuse to really maintain this spirit of fun that is so critical to Wynonna Earp. It was so fun! Everyone had so much fun running around those woods and that facility. It was a good group bonding experience for the cast and the crew and everybody because we just had to start at Mach 10.

How will Wynonna deal with all this grief? Will we see her resort to some of her old coping methods?
Yes. We are going to see a slightly different Wynonna for the first few episodes. Not only has she killed Willa, but the other thing that has happened is, essentially, she has lost Dolls. So she’s going to feel a lot of pressure to kind of move into a leadership role. And that’s not Wynonna’s strong suit. She hates authority. She rebels against authority. She’s not someone who sets the rules, she’s a person who breaks them. So there’s a lot of pressure on her to mature and maybe transform into a character that doesn’t fit naturally with who she is and frankly isn’t a good fit for what makes her successful as the Earp heir, as a demon hunter. So that push-pull is going to be really interesting. As always, Wynonna’s guilt and feelings about some things are going to cause her to be oblivious to other things. She may be paying attention to the wrong things, which may have massive consequences going into this season. But she’s still our sexy, fun, quippy, winky, whisky-swilling badass. I don’t think she can get away from that part of herself. And we never want her to.

That last scene with her and Dolls — was that him saying, “I’ll be back eventually”?
That was him saying goodbye. He can’t come back. He’s on the run. Where’s the first place they’re going to look for the fugitive? Back home with his family, right?

So just the emotion of the scene really felt to me like a goodbye. So unless circumstances change, it’s going to be really difficult for him to come back. But hey man, if we can’t surprise you on a show like Wynonna Earp, what can we do? That’s all I’ll say about that! [Laughs.]

Doc was ready to go after Dolls by himself. How will that impact his relationship with Wynonna and even Waverly?
Why was Doc so willing to go off and help Dolls? Because in the past, they’ve had a particularly antagonistic relationship that kind of developed into a bromance. But there’s still obvious competition between them and mistrust. And Dolls obviously whispered something to Doc before he left. So what does that do to Doc? What’s his plan now? It’s interesting. He’s kind of the top dog. But at the same time, he seems to reject Wynonna’s advances at the end of the episode. So even though Dolls’ scenes in the past seem to have been clear romantically to Wynonna, Doc doesn’t want to be the second choice. But we’ll have to see how that plays out.

When he left the dynamite there at the end, did he know there was a creature there?
I don’t know! Stay tuned! I would say Doc was pretty preoccupied. Who would expect that there was a creature just sitting there in a crate? But hey. It’s Black Badge. You never know.

And just checking. Eliza’s officially dead?
She looks pretty dead to me. When you get shot between the eyes, and you’re bleeding out on the floor, I would say you’re pretty dead.

Is Waverly aware she’s being possessed?
That is part of the mystery. But what I certainly see is shades of Waverly acting like herself in episode 1. So I’m not sure how much she is aware of the fact that she has this other personality, or other entity, riding alongside her. That’s really going to be part of the danger, the wrestling for control going forward. But how much she realizes is happening is deliberately obtuse. I feel like the Waverly we know and love would try and warn the others that something is wrong with herself. She’s so selfless. So I don’t know how much she understands or remembers about what happened to her and how it’s going to manifest itself going forward.

Waverly and Nicole had that big discussion at the end of the episode there about how she wanted to be a part of that mission and that contract. Will that be a big deal for them going forward?
There’s certainly some tension there. There’s no doubt about it. They’re clearly crazy about one another. But Nicole had basically gotten a promotion that was then denied her by her girlfriend, and yes, for all the right circumstances. But look, sometimes people need time to process their disappointment and what that means.

We saw that Doc is now closer to Waverly. Is he going to start seeing that there’s something not kind of right with her right now?
Someone’s going to have to notice it! It depends on how crafty this thing with Waverly is, right? How much does this thing want to be disguised? What is this thing’s plan, too? That’s the other thing too. What is it going to do in Waverly? What are its wants? What are its goals? Doc is a great con artist unto himself and one of the best poker players ever born. His skills of observation are very, very good. But it’s Wynonna Earp. There’s a lot of stuff being thrown at these characters.

They have this closeness, especially since they kind of bonded last season.
Yeah, they kind of did. That’s one of the things I want to explore this year. Just them trying to become a team. They’ve fought alongside one another now. And I really feel like we didn’t have many scenes left where they all got to be together as a group. There’s still going to be issues of trust and betrayal and mistakes made and what not. But I think he definitely has a soft spot for Waverly. I mean, everyone has a soft spot for Waverly. She’s just like the heart of the show.

Is there any romance coming up for Wynonna, or is she just focused on her journey?
She’s focused on her journey. But she’s also a beautiful, hot-blooded woman who doesn’t apologize for her sexuality. The possibility of romance is always on the table. Especially if you look like Melanie Scrofano. It would be for me. Those dimples. Those dimples can’t be lonely for long.

Wynonna Earp airs Fridays at 10 p.m. ET on Syfy.

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