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Anything on the final season of Orphan Black? — Dana
Co-creator Graeme Manson has a tidbit to share on what to expect from this season’s villain, the mysterious Neolution mastermind P.T. Westmoreland. “P.T. is the top of the pyramid and is the, apparently, 170-year-old founder of Neolution,” he says. “He’s kind of the end of the line, and for the final season, I think that for everyone, bringing Neolution down is the objective.” But how can someone be 170 years old, even apparently 170? Manson and co-creator John Fawcett aren’t saying because maybe age really is just a number. “It was important for us,” Fawcett explains, “that the big bad represents the patriarchy that has kept all the sestras down and sought to control them.” So the question is, after five seasons, will the Clone Club finally be free?

Will the flashbacks on Once Upon a Time next season show what’s happened over the last decade? — Hope
I’d put good money on the flashbacks filling in some of those blanks, but considering several of the characters that will be returning — Hook and Rumple, among them — have been around for quite a long time, the series could potentially flash back even further than that. “That’s one of the great advantages of having characters who can be hundreds of years old, we can span different eras and do many different things,” EP Adam Horowitz says.

Will Kono return to Hawaii Five-0 next season? — Marsha
Still TBD, but I am hearing the show is casting a new female series regular named Tani, a stubborn but smart and courageous former first-rate candidate who was kicked out of the police academy for cheating on her final exam — oh, and punching out a training officer, who apparently deserved to get socked. She’s currently working as a lifeguard when McGarrett and Danno try to enlist her for Five-0.

Will Roman be the new big bad on Blindspot next season? — Harriet
It sounds like it! “It ended pretty badly between Jane and Roman,” EP Martin Gero says. “There is no love lost. He feels very betrayed that she has essentially left him for the second time, choose someone else, so he’s pretty angry. But I think their relationship next year is super fascinating — and it’s been one of the highlights for me for season 2. We’ve found a really, really interesting way to keep that going.”

How will Sherlock’s prognosis affect him next season on Elementary? — Sequa
It won’t be easy for Sherlock on many fronts. “It’s going to create some problems, both personal and professional,” EP Rob Doherty says. “For starters, Sherlock made a mistake when he decided to keep his condition from Joan. He’ll have a lot to explain and a lot to make up for. He’ll also find his sobriety regimen ‘competing’ with a regimen designed to address his prognosis. There will be times he’ll question whether he can tackle one problem without succumbing to the other. And, of course, there will be an impact on his work. Sherlock is accustomed to being the finest detective in New York, if not on the planet. But the work won’t come as easily to him when the new season begins. At least not at first. In the meantime, he’ll to have to commit himself to his health and to his partnership in ways that will be very challenging to him.”

Any scoop on Betty and Jughead from Riverdale? — Marie
Jughead’s induction into the Southside Serpents will certainly provide a challenge for the couple going into season 2. “It seems like we end on an ominous note,” EP Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa says. “The fear Betty has is Jughead is going to be sucked into this world that has nothing to do with Betty — he might be going to a new school, living with a new family in a different part of town, he’s joined this gang. All I’ll tease is Betty is not someone who gives up easily. She’s probably the strongest of the kids. If she’s going to start losing Jughead, which may happen, she’s going to fight for him.”

Tell me we haven’t seen the last of Ward on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. He was my favorite thing about season 4. — Spencer
EP Jed Whedon says they considered bringing others besides Aida back, but due to a litany of reasons — “scheduling, or personal issues, or other shows that take our people away,” Whedon says — it just didn’t work out. Plus: Anyone who came back in that way probably wouldn’t have been long for this world. “Aida rebuilt her body out of dark stuff from a dark, terrible universe, so she wasn’t exactly human,” EP Jeff Bell explains. “There was a Darkhold filter through which she came, so it seemed that anyone who came back that way was not, in fact, really themselves, but some corrupted version of themselves.”

Will Liz Keen get the suitcase when The Blacklist returns? — Gale
It may be en route to her, but whether Tom actually delivers is another question. “The name on the luggage tag is Elizabeth Keen, so we should assume that a well-packed secret is on its way to Liz,” EP Jon Bokenkamp says. “We’ll have to see what happens in transit if it actually gets there, but it does provide us with what is ultimately a much larger story engine in truth to the show. It’s a big turn.”

Will Amaya be in Legends of Tomorrow season 3? — Amy
Fear not, despite not being explicitly mentioned in the logline for season 3, Maisie Richardson-Sellers will be back as a series regular next season.

Will Amy say yes to Sheldon’s proposal when The Big Bang Theory returns?? — Jen
Even if Amy does say yes, I have to imagine there’s a long road ahead for this couple — especially since they’ve moved at a snail’s pace to get to this point in the first place. However, when I pressed EP Steve Molaro on what would be most important to Shamy on their wedding day, he offered what sounds like a glimmer of hope: “Whether or not they’re wearing Star Trek uniforms,” he says.

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