Rob Morrow, Adam Arkin, Janine Turner, Cynthia Geary, and several producers reunited at ATX Festival
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NORTHERN EXPOSURE, front from left: Peg Phillips, Janine Turner, Rob Morrow, Elaine Miles, rear
Credit: Everett Collection

The hot air in Austin, Texas, got a blast of Alaskan cool Friday morning when cast members and producers of Northern Exposure reunited at the ATX Television Festival in Austin, Texas.

Actors Rob Morrow, Adam Arkin, Janine Turner, and Cynthia Geary, creator Josh Brand, executive producers Robin Green and Mitchell Burgess, and producer Cheryl Bloch came together to discuss the Emmy- and Peabody-winning fish-out-of-water series which aired on CBS from 1990-1995. And, of course, the subject of a revival was the hottest topic of all.

“We would love it,” Brand said. “Rob has been working trying to get them to do it. I’m sure we’d all agree we would love to see it because I think it is of a time, but it’s also not of a time…. The show was sort of like salted caramel ice cream, which is the best ice cream because it’s sweet and it’s got salt. The show was buoyant and it was optimistic, but if you live on the planet, you experience loss and you feel it. There’s a lot of loss in the show but it’s not depressing because it’s a part of living. And that’s something that in our culture, our television shows don’t like to do.”

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“I would love to see that again on television,” Brand continued. “They’ve tried to recreate that and they haven’t been able to and they view it as an anomaly, something that happened but nobody’s been able to do again. And we know how to do it.”

“We all want it to happen,” Geary, who played Shelly, chimed in. “Darren [Burrows]’s trying, Rob’s trying.”

“So y’all write letters or send emails!” Turner, who played Maggie, said. “We want to get it streamed.”

That said, Northern Exposure is not available to stream on any of the three leading providers (Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime) currently, so perhaps that letter-writing campaign should start there.

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