Someone might be a serial killer... just kidding

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Salute Your Shorts

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Entertainment Weekly is on the scene at ATX. Go inside the TV festival with all our coverage, available here.

The nostalgia is palpable at the ATX TV Festival in Austin, Texas, where on Friday familiar faces from hit '90s Nickelodeon TV shows came together to look back on their generation-shaping series.

"From SNICK to Splat: Where Kids are King" featured actors and creators from The Adventures of Pete & Pete (Michael C. Maronna, Chris Viscardi, Danny Tamberelli); Salute Your Shorts (Danny Cooksey, Steve Slavkin); and Hey Dude (Kelly Brown, David Lascher, Graham Yost).

One of the sweetest highlights: when the group was asked what their characters are up to today. Read on for their adorable and hilarious answers, and check out the entire conversation in the Facebook Live video above.

1. Bobby Budnick (Salute Your Shorts):
"I think Budnick is probably a camp counselor, still," Cooksey said of his trouble-making character. "In the offseasons, I think he lives in a conversion van somewhere, works as a sound mixer for a dive bar. I think that would probably be appropriate for where he would be. He wouldn't have gone far."

2. Big Pete Wrigley (The Adventures of Pete & Pete):
"[He's a] TV narrator," said Maronna, drawing big laughs from the audience. "He probably got a job as a TV announcer. His brother [Little Pete] owes him money."

3. Little Pete Wrigley (The Adventures of Pete & Pete):
"He probably has some more tattoos," said Tamberelli. "Maybe he got into tattooing himself. He goes to those alternative festivals with piercings and all that kind of stuff. But he doesn't really like it; he just does it because that's where the money is. He still plays music, a little bit."

Tamberelli agreed when Maronna pointed out that music isn't lucrative for Little Pete: "It doesn't pay the rent, no," he replied. "But he does usually frequent that dive bar that Budnick [goes to]… It's always his favorite place to play."

4. Bradley ‘Brad' Taylor (Hey Dude):
"She actually owns the Bar None," said Brown, suspecting that Brad would have long since taken the reigns of the dude ranch where she worked.

5. Ted McGriff (Hey Dude):
"[He is] working for Brad," said Lascher, making the audience laugh. "He's probably entertaining people in some way. They were all pretty wholesome teenagers. I think he's probably got a family and he's a good dad. What do you think Graham?"

"Yeah, no, I'm not gonna take the dark twist," joked Yost, who went on to create FX's Justified. "He's a serial killer."

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Plus, the creators revealed what's going in the worlds they dreamed up:

1. Slavkin on Salute Your Shorts:
"Camp is always camp," said Slavkin, picturing a lively group of kids at Camp Anawanna today. "That's the beauty of it. I don't know if anyone here has ever gone to summer camp, but it is perhaps one of the most powerful experiences or memories that you could have as a child. I think that's sort of what made the camp so special was that it was kids, and kids were all making their own rules and learning how to make themselves happy, how to overcome obstacles. And I think that the camp traditions live on forever, and the next generation of campers will be at Camp Anawanna, and their kids will be there in 25 years. It's a great place."

2. Viscardi on The Adventures of Pete & Pete:
When moderator Leanne Aguilera of Entertainment Tonight asked if the Wrigley family "still takes that annual trip to the Hoover Dam," Viscardi — now Nickelodeon's senior vice president of production and development, animation — replies, "I think they do. I think dad force them all into a car, the same car. Even if they're all grown up and have their own families, they're all jam-packed in that one car and drive to the Hoover Dam. And somewhere along the way, they see Artie [Toby Huss]."

Aguilera said they might also see Selma Blair, who memorably played Penelope Ghiruto in one episode. Viscardi supported this thought.

3. Yost on Hey Dude:
"I think the Tanque Verde Ranch where we shot it is still up and running, and people like to go to dude ranches," said Yost. "I think it's probably still going strong. Brad did buy it from Mr. Ernst, gave Buddy a job, and then they ended up having a weird romantic entanglement that ended up with him suing her for sexual harassment."

Members of the audience were treated to an awesome surprise from Nickelodeon: pins inspired by the series.

The timing of the event was perfect: NickSplat will soon air special episodes of The Adventures of Pete & Pete featuring new content from the cast, including the always-funny duo Maronna and Tamberelli. The fun kicks off Saturday, June 17 at 10 p.m. ET.

Salute Your Shorts

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