June 08, 2017 at 12:54 PM EDT

As a therapist-gone-wild in the first full-length trailer for Netflix’s tantalizing thriller Gypsy, Oscar-nominated actress Naomi Watts locks lips with another woman and seemingly throws away the key as she dances past ethical lines and into the complicated lives of her patients.

In her first leading role on a TV series since 1997’s Sleepwalkers, Watts plays Jean Holloway, a mental health professional who, as a means to escape the mundanity of her picture-perfect life with a successful husband (Billy Crudup) and daughter, finds a fantastical reprieve by commanding what appears to be the upper hand in an erotically charged game of seduction with her subjects.

Alison Rosa/Netflix

Judging by the new preview, which Netflix premiered online Thursday, the 10-episode first season promises a twisted ride for Holloway, whom creator Lisa Rubin previously told EW was written with “some of the darker impulses we usually see male characters have,” while calling the project “twisted, very dark” and “psychologically twisted.” Watts added that the show is a “cautionary tale” about repression ¬†and the dangers of attempting to keep a lid on femininity.

“I guess I feel like I’ve been living my life as two people,” Watts says in the sneak peek as images of her tantalizing interactions with Sydney (Sophie Cookson), one of her male patients’ ex-girlfriends, flash onscreen. “I don’t know which one is real. I don’t know who’s in control anymore.”

Season 1 of Gypsy premieres June 30 on Netflix. Watch the program’s first full-length trailer above.

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