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Mona's role on Pretty Little Liars is… complicated. The sweater set-loving girl we first met in season 1 disappeared quickly when we realized that she was, in fact, Original "A." That reveal got her sent to Radley Sanitarium, where she unknowingly passed the game to Charlotte. From that moment on, she's done things to both hurt and help the Liars. She even found herself the target of Charlotte's "A."

By season 7, Mona had pretty much redeemed herself in the eyes of the Liars, particularly Hanna, who once again trusts her friend. In fact, she trusts her so much that she chose to show Mona the board game A.D. uses to control pretty much everything in the series' final installment. But that might not have been a good idea.

Mona warned Hanna that this sort of game was her addiction, and after last night's episode showed that Mona has turned her apartment into an "A"-type lair — and that she stole the shovels used to dig Archer's grave — the question is: Is Mona's addiction going to help or hurt the Liars? Sure, there's a chance she's obsessed with finding A.D. and helping the girls. But there's also the chance that we could once again find her in a black hoodie.

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