The latest musical in James Corden’s Crosswalk Theater is practically perfect in every way — and, no, it’s not Cats or My Fair Lady, as his faux troupe mistake.

Corden tapped Sir Ben Kingsley to take the role of Bert, the lovable chimney sweep, in a Mary Poppins production as the Late Late Show host tackled the titular role. “When he told me about the idea, of course, I jumped at the chance. Theater should be for the people, especially in this case for people in their cars driving home from work,” Kingsley said.

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Because it’s Crosswalk Theater, the production takes place in the middle of the street as dumbfounded drivers are stopped at traffic lights, and the actors are forced to scurry away each time the light turns green. While their Beauty and the Beast rendition hit the streets of Los Angeles, they took to London for Mary Poppins.

“I think if we can make this show as supercalifrag as I know it can be, then the audience are gonna be like, ‘Wow, that was expialidosh,'” Corden said. Always humble, he added, “It’s not for me to say. I can hear people, I hear whispers. You know, ‘Oh my god, he’s better than Julie Andrews.’ I can’t say that, those aren’t my words … but I think I’m better than Julie Andrews.”

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