By Nick Romano
June 07, 2017 at 07:28 AM EDT

Ed Sheeran‘s “Shape of You” is a sexy song. Just ask James Corden, who admitted as much and witnessed the power of the Divide single first hand during Sheeran’s ride for Carpool Karaoke on The Late Late Show for Tuesday night when the singer, shall we say, fell in love with the shape of Corden.

“This is taking a turn,” the late-show host laughed as Sheeran, goofing off, got handsy with Corden. He added, “I told you it’s a sexy song.”

The latest Carpool Karaoke became more entertaining from there: the pair discussed how Sheeran is unreachable because he doesn’t have a phone, Corden impressed the British singer with his lyric game on “Sing,” they raced each other to determine which star could fit the most Maltesers in his mouth, and Sheeran shared a funny story about going to a dive bar with Justin Bieber.

“What I enjoy is bringing people that don’t drink in dive bars and skanky pubs to said dive bar or skanky pub,” he said. Sheeran recalled bringing Bieber along on one of these excursions before they drunkenly ended up at a golf course and Bieber asked Sheeran to hit a golf ball out of his mouth with a club. Despite his intense focus, Sheeran “cracked him across the face.” (Bieber wasn’t upset.)

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Sheeran also whipped out his guitar for acoustic versions of “Thinking Out Loud,” Bieber’s “Love Yourself,” One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful,” and “Castle on the Hill.” The singer explained he’s been “glued” to the guitar since he was little, and he realized it was a gift from above.

“I was an unfortunate-looking kid,” he said. “I feel like God looked down on me and was like, ‘You need help getting laid, mate.'”

Watch the full segment in the clip above.

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