Plus, how Lynch helped him find the right "Helloo-ooo-ooo!"
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This post contains spoilers for episodes three and four of the Twin Peaks revival.

So far, the Twin Peaks revival has included plenty of memorable moments — we see you, Michael Cera — but one of the most welcome reunions was Part Four's on-screen confrontation between Kyle MacLachlan and director David Lynch. Lynch reprised his role as the thunderously loud FBI official Gordon Cole, but instead of reuniting with his old friend Agent Dale Cooper, he found himself face to face with MacLachlan as Cooper's longhaired, murderous doppelganger.

From Dune and Blue Velvet to Twin Peaks and Fire Walk With Me, MacLachlan and Lynch have been collaborating for decades, but for MacLachlan, playing such a sinister character opposite his longtime friend was something new. EW caught up with MacLachlan at a New York City wine tasting celebrating the launch of his new rosé, Blushing Bear. (MacLachlan is a longtime wine connoisseur with his own label, Pursued by Bear, which is produced and bottled in — where else? — Washington.) Before the next Twin Peaks installment airs Sunday on Showtime — an episode MacLachlan says he'll be watching for the first time at home along with everyone else — he spoke to EW about his big on-screen reunion with Lynch.

"It was hard!" MacLachlan said. "It was challenging. Because I'm obviously playing a character that is very different than usually what I play. And certainly within this world, within this universe and working with David, he's certainly never had me do anything like that before. And obviously, I see that it's David. We have the David and Kyle relationship, but then we have the Cooper and Cole relationship, and then we have this now. So I had to really work myself into that place. He's not David, and he's not my director, and that's challenging. Necessary, but challenging. And then as soon as the scene's over, we're back to ourselves."

"I'll put [Cooper's doppelganger] back in the box," MacLachlan added, laughing. "I didn't want to carry him with me when I didn't have to."

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MacLachlan also revealed that Lynch had a direct hand in one of the revival's most memorable moments so far: Cooper's jackpot casino spree, which finds him pulling slot machine levers and letting out a long, hilarious, "Helloo-ooo-ooo!"

"I think David might have even demonstrated that one for me," MacLachlan said, laughing. "It was written out, and then he'd demonstrate the sort of ‘oooooo,' trying to find the right tone."

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