Lindsay Wagner shared a photo of she and costar Lee Majors #togetheragain on a movie set

By Maureen Lee Lenker
May 31, 2017 at 06:59 PM EDT

The Six Million Dollar Man and Bionic Woman are back together again!

Lee Majors and Lindsay Wagner, who starred as Steve Austin and Jaime Sommers, on The Six Million Dollar Man and its spin-off The Bionic Womanhave reunited. Wagner shared on Twitter a photo of her and Majors, writing, “On set with Lee Majors filming a new family movie together on the West Coast of Canada. #togetheragain.”

Wagner and Majors first appeared onscreen together in a 1975 two-part episode of ABC’s The Six Million Dollar Man, entitled “The Bionic Woman.” Majors’ superhuman and bionic Steve Austin rekindles a romance with professional tennis player Jaime Sommers, who suffers a parachuting accident that results in her own bionic surgery. Sommers died at the end of these episodes, but the character proved so popular that Wagner was given her own spin-off series, The Bionic Woman, the following season.

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Both series ended in 1978, but the pair reunited in three made-for television movies: 1987’s The Return of the Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman1989’s Bionic Showdown: The Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Womanand 1994’s Bionic Ever After? in which the two characters marry.

Reps for both actors did not immediately reply to EW’s request for comment.