By Sara Vilkomerson
May 31, 2017 at 09:30 AM EDT

Well, we have come to the end of the saga of the Rayburn clan with this final season of Bloodline. (Recaps can be found here.) At its best, this was a magnificently acted ensemble of terrific actors — Kyle Chandler, Sissy Spacek, Norbert Leo Butz, Linda Cardellini, Ben Mendelsohn, and, for too brief a time, Sam Shepard — in a deeply compelling drama set amidst the humidity and sand and inky skies of the Florida Keys. It raised fascinating questions about the ripples of consequence that can befall a family from a single incident — in this case, the childhood death of Sarah Rayburn that sent her family spiraling down on a path of individual destruction that concluded in violence and sadness and estrangement. The show seemed so deeply interested in exploring the cracks that can haunt a family, and how being assigned a familial role can be smothering.

Which is why it is so frustrating to come to the end of its three-season run with so many loose ends and unsatisfying conclusions. It’s hard to know how different things might have been for this show — under the steady hands of  Damages creators Todd A. Kessler, Glenn Kessler, and Daniel Zelman — if the showrunners had been given the opportunity, as they’ve stated they wanted, to slowly unfurl this story over five or six seasons. The fact that it had to wrap it up more quickly was definitely felt during this go-round. And while the show still had flashes of its earlier brilliance and poignancy, we were left with a lot more loose ends than we would have preferred.

So, to that end, here — in absolutely no order of importance — are some of our lingering questions:

1. Seriously, where was Meg? Or, really, where was Linda Cardellini for most of this season?

2. And, if we’re working under the assumption Meg really wanted to disappear from her life, we’re assuming she could not practice the law under an assumed name — so how in the hell did she afford that sweet apartment in L.A.?

3. Who really was that Beth Mackey lady? Did we ever really figure out if she was a Rayburn (secret love child of Robert) or what?

4. Where was Evangeline? I know she was “recording” somewhere but what was the point of her coming into our lives in such a significant way in season 2 only for her to disappear completely?

5. On that note, after creeping menacingly around for a whole season, why did Ozzy just up and kill himself?

6. And, more importantly, was he really getting visions before his death thanks to getting his head kicked in?

7. Did Sally Rayburn and Roy Gilbert have an affair?

8. Why doesn’t Ben Rayburn ever get a chance to have a storyline of his own?

9. Will the Inn really be entirely underwater in a few years?

10. If Meg hates boats so much, how on earth does she know how to expertly pilot that sunfish?

11. Why did Kevin think he couldn’t get extradited from Cuba? Why didn’t Belle turn off her GPS?

12. Is Chelsea (the consistently wonderful Chloe Sevigny) going to be okay? Because if anyone deserves happiness…

13. Will Eric O’Bannon (also consistently wonderful Jamie McShane) really serve 30 years for a crime he didn’t do? Or will John do right by him?

14. What was the deal with Diana repeatedly getting drunk out of the blue? Were there any hints to this behavior before this season?

15. Who was Janie having sex with?

16. What ever happened to Meg’s hot affair dude, Alec (Steven Pasquele)?

17. What was the significance of Meg’s big back tattoo?

18. Did we ever really get to the bottom of that seahorse necklace thing?

19. Why did the Rayburns suddenly become Catholic in season 3?

20. Who has Robert’s ukulele?

21. Why couldn’t they get Ben Mendelsohn a better wig?

22. Why couldn’t they get Owen Teague a better wig?

23. Why did the show decide to introduce apparently important figures — John’s BFF, Mike Gallagher, or his new comely partner Detective Carol—right at the end?

24. But did Carol eventually get the job of sheriff?

25. Did Mike really come to town just to court Sheriff Franco away?

26. Why was John not mad that Mike made a pass at his wife?

27. What on earth was Roy Gilbert’s deal anyway? How did he get tangled up with the Rayburns and get them the money for the Inn?

28. Where did all his money come from, anyway?

29. Why must Kevin be the only Rayburn to be punished?

30. How will Kevin survive wearing closed-toed shoes?

31. Who will take care of Rocky?

32. Why did Sally really leave the day of Sarah’s death?

33. Why did the Rayburns like taking the bus so much?

34. Whatever happened to John Rayburn’s dog, Surf?

35. What happened to Mia Kirshner?

36. What really happened after John Rayburn’s deep sea fishing accident?

37. Was that marlin’s brutal attacker ever brought to justice?

38. What does John say to Nolan out on the dock?

39. Does it even matter?

Netflix’s family drama features Sissy Spacek, Kyle Chandler, Sam Shephard and the list just keeps going.
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