The cast reunited for NBC's Red Nose Day special
This Is Us - Season 3

The cast of This Is Us was back together on NBC — the first of many times you’ll be seeing them on Thursday night — to urge people to donate money to fight child poverty as part of the network’s “Red Nose Day Special.” But they also ended up giving away a lot of juicy, shocking, and definitely bogus intel about season 2.

They opened the segment by talking about how “mind-blowing” the season 2 scripts were, but they couldn’t tell viewers about it. “No spoilers,” explained Mandy Moore, a.k.a Rebecca. But as they got carried away hyping the upcoming action, Justin Hartley said, “In episode 2, I like it when we find out Rebecca has got a long-lost brother — that’s a good episode,” before he was shushed.

“Your donation will make a child as happy as my character, Kate, when she ends up dating Dennis Rodman,” said Chrissy Metz, who, after being scolded, added, “It’s not Dennis Rodman. It’s actually, it’s Dennis Quaid.” As Ron Cephas Jones (William) told her she was just making it worse, she changed her hint to a guy whose name was not even Dennis.

Sterling K. Brown told Metz and her worked-up onscreen fiancé Chris Sullivan to let a real professional handle this, and then fared no better himself. “Please donate to Red Nose Day. A lot of kids out there aren’t as lucky as my character Randall, who finds out that his biological father is not only still alive, but is actually his older brother.”

All that was left to do was for Milo Ventimiglia to divulge that Jack donates a kidney this season and for Susan Kelechi Watson to reveal that Randall and Beth are getting divorced.

Season 2 of This Is Us, which sadly contains none of these spoilers, debuts this fall on NBC. While you wait, you may also want to check out these real-life fans being surprised by the show’s stars.

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