Jimmy Fallon's music challenge also gave 'B-- Better Have My Money' the opera treatment

By Nick Romano
May 26, 2017 at 08:48 AM EDT

Jamie Foxx raised the bar for Jimmy Fallon’s Musical Genre Challenge. In performing randomly selected songs in the style of various genres on The Tonight Show Thursday, the Baby Driver star/Beat Shazam host delivered a theatrical and highly improvised version of Baha Men’s “Who Let the Dogs Out?” as a Broadway musical.

As soon as The Roots laid down a piano melody, Foxx jumped right into an ad-libbed monologue. “You know, just the other day I was walking and I saw dogs and I was wondering to myself, ‘Where’d they come from? Somebody must have let them out,'” he said. “There was a cocker spaniel and then I saw a pit bull, and you know they can be cantankerous.”

Without missing a beat, Foxx belted a melody to the main lyrics of the song, but he didn’t stop there. “Then I realized I knew who let those dogs out,” he sang. “Just above the ridge, I could see a vision and that vision, that vision was me.”

Foxx’s second round was just as good as he was selected to sing Rihanna’s “B– Better Have My Money” as an opera. So, holding his hand over one eye in the style of the titular Phantom of the Opera, the actor transformed the track into a romanticized aria.

Fallon gave a few solid renditions of his own, like his ’50s-era “Can’t Feel My Face,” but all eyes were on Foxx. Watch the magic happen in the video above.

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