'It's what people dig about the show'

By Derek Lawrence
May 26, 2017 at 11:30 AM EDT

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According to Jeff Garlin, fans shouldn’t be curbing their enthusiasm about the long-awaited return of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Appearing on the latest episode of EW: The Show, Garlin teased the upcoming ninth season of the HBO comedy, which he suggests will launch in the fall, following a six-year hiatus.

“It’s what people dig about the show,” shared Garlin, who plays star and creator Larry David’s friend and manager. “The story line is kind of crazy. I can’t tell the story line.”

While Garlin was mostly silent on the new season’s plot, he was very vocal about the 69-year-old David’s effect on women. Apparently, during dinners between the duo, when David steps away to use the restroom, Garlin often finds himself ambushed by prospective suitors… for his friend.

“I’m talking about 22-year-olds come up, give me their phone numbers to give to him,” laughs Garlin. “Here’s the best quality a man can have: being funny. Number two: being confident. If you’re confident and funny, women dig that.”

Watch the video above.