Amell becomes a real-life superhero for Red Nose Day


Stephen Amell has wanted to take on the American Ninja Warrior obstacle course for years, and he finally got the chance Thursday night. Red Nose Day put on a special Celebrity Ninja Warrior edition that saw a crowd cheer on the Arrow star as he hurdled through the Fly Wheels, Battering Ram, Warp Wall, and — an Arrow favorite — the Salmon Ladder.

ANW veteran Kacey Catanzaro, who said in 2014 how’d she love to see Amell tackle the course, ended up serving as the actor’s coach. “His form is just tip-top. Maybe he could teach me some things. I wouldn’t hate that,” she told EW Live. Shown in the video, she cheered on Amell. But, unlike most other celebrity contestants of the evening, he didn’t need her to sub for him on any of the challenges.

Amell, who regularly posts videos of his superhero workout regime, made quick work of the six-obstacle course before trying his hand at the more advanced field, which kicked off with the Salmon Ladder. He told Access Hollywood in an interview for the charity event that Arrow essentially ripped off the bar-raising challenge for his pilot episode.

“It’s obviously such an iconic piece of American Ninja Warrior that the producers of the show and my show have been basically doing a dance for the past several years trying to figure out when and if I’d be available to do it because their season coincides with my season,” he said in the video below.

Not surprisingly, Amell quickly climbed to the top rung before trying a brand-new obstacle, the Swinging Peg Board. “This is about to end, so thank you all for coming out tonight,” he proclaimed, finally splashing into the water below with $35,000 raised for charity ($5,000 per obstacle).

“I can’t think of a more fun way to raise money for Red Nose Day,” he wrote on Facebook, adding, “I might have to come back.”

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Watch Amell’s incredible run in the videos above.

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