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If you ever watched Three Men and a Baby and had to pause when you thought you spotted a ghost in the background, you weren’t alone.

“For years, people believed there was a ghost on the set of Three Men and a Baby,” says actress Margaret Colin (who played Rebecca in the ’80s comedy) in a segment for Entertainment Weekly: The Show. She adds that she made a lot of money from people continuously renting the movie to see if they could spot the mysterious ghost figure in the background.

For anyone who has not yet solved the spooky mystery, Colin is here with your answer. “Spoiler alert: it’s not a ghost — it’s a cutout. Of Ted Danson. In a tuxedo,” she says. “Rent the movie again, see for yourself. Go ahead.”

Colin shared some other fun revelations in the interview, including advice she’s learned from her costars over the year and the “wild times” she has with Jennifer Lopez on Shades of Blue. Hear about them in the interview above.

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