Max, Nikki, and Neil are once again on a quest to defeat David and prove who's the best camper

By Christian Holub
May 25, 2017 at 03:07 PM EDT
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As any former camper knows, summer camp can get pretty crazy. For most people, that just means struggling with swimming lessons or being bad at archery. But as shown in this exclusive trailer for season 2 of Rooster Teeth’s Camp Camp, the resident campers of Camp Campbell have some very big problems to deal with.

In their eternal battle against their camp counselor David’s unrelenting cheer, Max, Nikki, and Neil reach new levels of competition. David’s pleas to “not spend time arguing over who’s the best” fall on deaf ears. Instead, the campers explore a horrifying Purification Sauna, experiment with cybernetic implants, face down a vengeful one-eyed squirrel, and even engage in magical duels over a boiling lava pit in their quest to prove who’s the best camper.

Each of the campers has a different argument for why they’re the best. Neil believes his love of science and disdain for adventures makes him the best, while Nikki claims her title as “the most rambunctious and lovable,” and therefore the best. Max, cynical as ever, claims he’s the best because “I know the ins and outs of this place.”

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To find who ends up on top, check out season 2 of Camp Camp when it premieres June 9 exclusively on FIRST, Rooster Teeth’s streaming service available at, and on Xbox One, Apple TV, iOS and Android apps. Longtime Rooster Teeth fans should also keep an eye out for the rest of Rooster Teeth’s Summer of Animation, which also includes new episodes of Red vs. Blue and RWBY.

Watch the exclusive trailer for season 2 of Camp Camp above.