Corden recreated Richie's 'Dancing on the Ceiling,' but there's a problem.

By Nick Romano
May 25, 2017 at 08:23 AM EDT

James Corden went from “Dancing on the Ceiling” to getting stuck there. The host of The Late Late Show on Wednesday recreated Lionel Richie‘s totally ’80s music video for his hit song, as the pair danced upside down in a sketch. The problem was only Richie could get down.

“Lionel, I’m not joking. I’m stuck!… I’m telling you I can’t move,” Corden shouted from above as everyone called a wrap on the video. Richie tried knocking him down by throwing a soccer ball, computer keyboard, and phone at his head to no avail, and the singer quickly became distracted by shoving a hot dog on a stick in Corden’s face.

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“Yummy, yummy, yummy!” Richie exclaimed before squirting ketchup and mustard at the late-night host and getting lost in the lyrics to “Stuck on You” and “All Night Long.”

“Man, I got too many hits,” he said, leaving Corden to fend for himself.

Watch the bit in the clip above.