Baltimore Ravens players love 'The Bachelorette' more than you might think

The Bachelorette brings together people from all different walks of life, including macho professional footballers. Dennis Pitta, Baltimore Ravens tight end and super fan of the ABC dating show, gathered fellow teammates Joe Flacco, Justin Tucker, Nick Boyle, and Morgan Cox at his home for a viewing party. The video, released on the team's Facebook page Wednesday, is truly a sight to be seen.

"It really started as more of a joke. Of course, I've been an avid Bachelor watcher for some time now," Pitta says.

However, he admits he's a "terrible" host. "These guys come over thinking they're gonna be wined and dined, but I do nothing for ‘em," Pitta says. "I made some cinnamon rolls just as a joke."

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The athlete laughs as he emerges in an apron with oven mitts, carrying a batch of baked goods for his growing boys. The guys discuss everything from Rachel Lindsay's dress ("She looks terrific") to Lucas Yancey, a.k.a. "Whaboom" guy. "I would hope that I wouldn't be the ‘Whaboom' guy, but I think I might be the ‘Whaboom' guy," Tucker, a placekicker, says before delivering his best impression.

Boyle explains he "started watching [The Bachelor] Ben's season and then I found out Dennis and they were all into it, so we just made a huge thing of it."

It looks like they're gonna need a bigger TV. Pitta's buds give him a hard time about the size, but he stands by his 60-inch screen. "Can we get a bigger TV please?" Tucker joshed over Twitter.

Watch the hilarity that ensues in the video above.

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