By Jami Ganz
May 24, 2017 at 03:27 PM EDT
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Netflix might have the internet buzzing with talks of its recent hits like 13 Reasons Why and Dear White People, but Bingeworthy hosts Touré and Jessica Shaw have all but forgotten about the streaming service’s veteran thriller, Bloodline, which is starting its third and final season on Friday.

While the hosts bickered over the legacy of Friday Night Lights (star Kyle Chandler also leads the cast of Bloodline), they quickly came to a consensus on Netflix’s family-centric series. Touré admitted to having probably blocked out watching the show when it came out, and gave a strained, reluctant synopsis, saying, “There was drama, and people yelling at each other and running around and doing things.”

Shaw tried to stick with the show, given her loyalty to Friday Night Lights, but “fell off season 2,” explaining, “It just didn’t go to places where I wanted, and I watched the first two episodes of the third season, and it’s just — I wish I cared more about this family and about these characters.”

They also conceded that despite their mutual ambivalence toward the series, “It’s well made,” to which Touré followed up, “I just don’t care about it.”

Shaw added, “Much as I like so many of the performances, and all of these actors I just think are so talented, it just didn’t hold me. It didn’t hold my interest.”

Touré also pointed out, “In the Golden Age of television, you have to be better than that,” and noted that not binging a show doesn’t negate its quality, “But there’s so much already that’s great that you have to be great to get to be binge-able.”

The third and final season of Bloodline will be available for streaming on Netflix on May 26.

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