ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live" - Season 15

Even though The Bachelorette only just returned Monday night, Jimmy Kimmel thinks he knows the contestant who won Rachel Lindsay’s heart.

“It’s time for me to pick your final three,” he told Lindsay, who guested on Jimmy Kimmel Live after the Bachelorette premiere. The attorney and star of season 13 confirmed to reporters Thursday that she is indeed engaged. So, with the aid of his wife and one of his producers, Kimmel guessed Peter is her secret one and only.

“You gave him a look when he got out of the limo, the kind of look women get on their face when they see a pair of shoes they absolutely love and want to have,” Kimmel reasoned. “He’s a business owner, which concerns me. You both have gaps in the front of your teeth, which will make for adorable babies. He gave you chocolate, you said you didn’t like chocolate, he said he would throw that chocolate into the fire. Strong move. I believe that you are currently engaged to Peter! True or false?”

Of course, Lindsay stayed hush-hush as to maintain the season-long mystery, but Kimmel had other predictions.

The late-night host guessed that Eric, who “seemed sweet and level-headed,” will make it to the final three, while Lindsay’s French kiss companion Bryan will be in the final two.

“I hope it works out. They never work out, you know that right?” Kimmel teased his guest.

“Well, I would love to be the first. I would love to prove you wrong,” Lindsay said.

Watch Kimmel’s predictions in the video above.

ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live" - Season 15
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