'We had a liberating amount of freedom this time around.'

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If you thought the original Twin Peaks made waves, the revival isn't held back by network censors. Attending the Los Angeles premiere of the new episodes, coming to Showtime beginning Sunday, May 21, co-creator Mark Frost teased to EW how they took "full advantage" of that fact.

"I would say we had a liberating amount of freedom this time around. And we took full advantage of it, from start to finish," he said. "It was a way to deal with things that we didn't have to turn into a euphemism or an innuendo. We could pretty much tell it like it is and that was very refreshing. And I think it will show up on screen."

Now, this doesn't mean fans should expect loads of cursing. Showtime CEO and president David Nevins previously explained, "There are moments of very strong material, but [co-creator] David [Lynch] is pretty clean," he said. "There's darkness and there's scariness, but a lot less cursing and probably somewhat less nudity than most of our other programming. Definitely a lot less cursing."

Frost and Lynch wrote the script for the "feature film in 18 parts," as they call it. Kyle MacLachlan returns as FBI Agent Cooper, but there are loads of other names, both new and old. Laura Dern, Naomi Watts, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Monica Bellucci, Michael Cera, James Belushi, Tim Roth, Robert Forster, and Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder are but a few of them. <iframe src="https://art19.com/shows/e744e1c0-95b7-4c13-a6b0-30d09dab7a32/episodes/fe7f43ae-6c21-4350-9188-5c4a7d7c8bc6/embed" width="300" height="150" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" class="" allowfullscreen="" resize="0" replace_attributes="1" name=""></iframe>

Details on the story are purposefully kept under wraps, but we know Twin Peaks won't be the only location visited when familiar faces return. We can probably assume one thing: "The owls are not what they seem."

—Reporting by Maureen Lee Lenker

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