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Devil's Bargain

Castiel is no stranger to death. One of the perks of being an angel means God can bring you back, you know, if He feels like it. And despite the fact that Lucifer took an angel blade to Castiel in Supernatural‘s season 12 finale, it won’t come as much of a surprise that the show hasn’t seen the last of Cas, at least not according to actor Misha Collins.

Collins tweeted a message to fans simply saying that Cas “has a future,” and while there’s no word on what that future might look like — Will Lucifer’s child save him? Will God come back into play in season 13? Or could Castiel’s future take another form altogether? — it’s good news nonetheless. However, there’s still the question of Crowley. In the finale, Crowley sacrificed himself in order to trap Lucifer in an alternate world, and considering we know nothing about that world, it’s much harder to predict if he’ll still be around to bug Moose and Squirrel in season 13.

Check out Collins’ tweet below and breathe a sigh of relief:

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