H. Jon Benjamin shares horrific moments

By Nick Romano
May 20, 2017 at 09:30 AM EDT

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H. Jon Benjamin has seen some stuff in his life as a veteran voice actor. You may not know his face, but you’ll probably recognize his voice as Bob Belcher from Bob’s Burgers, Sterling Archer from Archer, Chris Griffin’s friend Carl in Family Guy, or maybe from his work on Venture Brothers. In Entertainment Weekly: The Show‘s spin on Tales From the Crypt, Benjamin reveals some of the horrific moments he witnessed throughout his career in the voice booth.

“During season 2 of Archer,” he says, “our studio space got double-booked. We spoke to the facility manager and it turned out he forgot to save after putting us in their booking spreadsheet.” Pausing for dramatic effect, he continues, “They were gracious and it all got straightened out.”

Horrifying, we know.

Benjamin, spotted recently in season 2 of Netflix’s Master of None, also recalls the time he saw someone getting strangled to death (on TV), the time an intern gave him a cup that was too hot to hold (you’ll never guess how that one turns out), and the assistant for a Bob’s Burgers executive producer “who was a little much.” So you see, “the voice booth can be a very scary place,” he concludes.

Watch “Tales From the Voice Booth” in the video above.