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As soon as I saw the Polynesian mask on the portal door in the hat during the Once Upon a Time finale, I knew right away that Lucy’s mother will most likely be Moana. — Roger
Not so fast. “To examine those doors as clues to what season 7 would be is not necessarily what they were there for,” EP Adam Horowitz says. “It’s more of a symbolic thing that’s telling us how big our universe is and that there are many places left to be explored.” So, it’s probably unlikely, but never lose hope!

What can you tease about The Flash finale? — Brittania
I’ll let executive producer Andrew Kreisberg take this one: “There will be an ultimate showdown with Savitar in the finale, but their [battle] isn’t probably quite what you’re expecting. Just because [Savitar] is a version of Barry, it doesn’t play out exactly as people would expect.” Make of that what you will.

Should I be worried about FitzSimmons going into the next season of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? — Breanne
Of course you should, because you should be worried about everybody. Seriously, Coulson is in space! But, yes, it’s going to be very hard for Fitz to move past what he’s done, which will surely color the FitzSimmons relationship moving forward. “It’s safe to say that he’s not over it yet,” EP Jed Whedon says. “Everybody now has some sort of pain, some sort of darkness in their past. We know how hard Fitz is on himself, and he was the worst kind of person in the Framework, so I don’t think that’s something you get over right away.”

Brooklyn Nine-Nine finale scoop? — Russell
Now that Jake and Rosa know Gina Gershon’s Hawkins is a dirty cop, things are going to get really sticky — and dangerous! — so they’ll turn to a familiar face for help. “The funniest scene we’ve ever done is in the first of the two episodes, and it’s Adrian Pimento showing them how to fake-do drugs, but he keeps accidentally doing the drugs,” EP Dan Goor says.

Anything you can share about Malcolm’s role in the Arrow finale? — Marcia
I can tell you that in the wake of his Legion of Doom exploits, Malcolm will make a concerted effort to reconcile with Thea, even going so far as to make a very fatherly decision in the season ender.

WHAT’S IN THE BOX?! I just wanted to be able to type that. Sorry. Is there anything else inside that box from the Blindspot finale? — Parven
When I asked EP Martin Gero whether there was something else in the box, besides the key that unlocked the second layer of Jane’s tattoos, he played coy: “You’ll have to wait and see.” So I’m going to say there’s a good chance that’s a big fat yes.

Why is Superman fighting against Supergirl?! — Ramona
We’ll find out in the finale, but surely Rhea has had a hand in this. Either way, the showdown between supers is going to be both physically and emotionally damaging. “Any time you find yourself squaring off against someone that’s family, it takes on a little bit more of a toll,” Tyler Hoechlin tells me. “But that’s something you’re going to have to wait and see to find out; it’s a little more complicated than it appears.”

Is it too early for Riverdale season 2 scoop? — Chandler
Not at all. In fact, I’ll be dishing out a lot of it this summer, so stay tuned! For now, I’ll tell you that we’ll see a very different Cheryl Blossom in season 2. “There’s so much she’s going to have to unpack about her father being the murderer and realizing that it’s just her and Penelope now,” EP Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa says. “It’s not going to get much easier for Cheryl in season 2.”

What do you know about the final season of 12 Monkeys? — Sara
The theme of the fourth and final season, which will launch in 2018, will very much be about family — specifically about the dysfunctional one between Cole, Cassie, and The Witness. “You’ve got the mother, you’ve got the father, you’ve got the son; what does it mean to be a family?” EP Terry Matalas says. “How does one stop what never began, and can there truly be an end to this, or are they perpetually stuck in a causality loop? They’re really going to have to ask these questions if it’s even possible for them to win and they have an answer.”

Anything you can share for Prison Break? — Mark
While it’s totally soul-crushing for Sara to discover she’s been married to the villain the whole time, it’s a tough blow for Lincoln considering he all but abandoned Sara after Michael’s death, thus allowing Jacob to weasel his way into Sara’s life. “After the whole sh– went down, he just took off,” Dominic Purcell says. “He had his own drama, his own life. He’s been struggling with his own demons for many, many years and thought it best not to bring it all upon Sara and Mikey, and he certainly does feel remorse because of that, and that’s touched on somewhat in the series.”

This week in TV: I’m really excited to see how Grey’s Anatomy handles this new wrench next season.

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