By Nick Romano
May 19, 2017 at 09:09 AM EDT

No one disses The Lord of the Rings in front of Stephen Colbert without a fight.The

The Late Show host, a longtime J.R.R. Tolkien fan, was cool-headed when he confronted guest Ricky Gervais about his hatred for the world of Middle-earth.

“Why don’t you like Tolkien? I don’t understand,” Colbert demanded.

“It’s nonsense,” Gervais shot back, while the late-night host argued it’s “fantasy.”

Colbert added, “What’s wrong with nonsense? Does everything have to be true to you?”

Gervais, referencing their earlier discussion over religion, grinned as he changed his reasoning. “Okay, I’m a Catholic,” he said. The pair sparked up their old debate at the beginning of the interview, with the Office star calling the “father, son, holy spirit” aspect of Christianity “farfetched.”

Colbert joked, “It’s okay to believe my religious story. Everybody else’s religious story is a cult.”

Though Peter Jackson’s Hobbit films came to a close in 2014, Colbert became the champion of keeping The Lord of the Rings in the discussion. Many guests on The Late Show have been treated with tales from one of the ultimate fans.

On Thursday, Colbert told Gervais that he would make a good hobbit. “You got the look,” he teased. The comedian, taking a break from his Humanity comedy tour for the late-show appearance, riffed that he has the “enormous testicles” hobbits are famous for but never discussed. “There’s an uncut version, that’s in the director’s cut,” Colbert joined in.

Watch Gervais’ discussion with Colbert in the clip above.