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The end of The Leftovers (and the world, according to the series) is just around the corner, but Amy Brenneman, who plays Laurie Garvey on the HBO show, prophesied a bit of what’s to come in the final episodes.

“I think that for people that are especially enjoying the third season, it will be deeply satisfying, Brenneman said during a visit to Entertainment Weekly: The Show. “That part of your brain, that’s like, ‘I wanna know,’ you know, the answer to all these mysteries — you are gonna get some answers. You’re probably not gonna get all of them. But… the language [Damon Lindelof is] using is truly the language of the heart and this resolution that kind of begins in my episode.”

The episode to which she’s referring arrives this coming Sunday and centers on the former Guilty Remnant member. According to Brenneman, it will find Laurie “sort of meeting up with the people at the ranch… so that’s Kevin, Sr., and it’s my husband, John, and Michael, and I’m sort of criss-crossing between that and helping out Nora as well.”

Brenneman also touched on her once all-white-wearing, chain-smoking character’s striking evolution, saying, “Laurie is very much in service to other people, and I think that you know, you contrast that to when we first met her, and her hardness and her own violence and her upset, she really has come a far piece.”

The Leftovers airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on HBO.

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