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Devil's Bargain

Spoiler alert: This post contains plot points from the season 12 finale of Supernatural.

While I work on my full recap of Supernatural‘s season 12 finale, we need to talk about what. just. happened.

In season 12’s final hour, the Winchesters teamed up with Castiel and Crowley to stop Lucifer from getting what he wanted most: His son. The good news? They succeeded. The bad news? There were multiple casualties along the way.

When Kelly went into labor with Lucifer’s son, a rift opened to another Earth, one in which Sam and Dean had never been born. Translation: The apocalypse happened and most of the human race had been wiped out due to the ongoing war between heaven and hell. (They learned this from a very helpful alternate version of Bobby.)

So, long story short, Crowley came up with a plan to trap Lucifer on that Earth and seal it off, but in order for him to complete that spell, someone had to die. And in a moment of true sacrifice, Crowley stabbed himself with an angel blade. AND THAT’S NOT ALL.

Castiel then joined in on the fun, charging at Lucifer full speed ahead. But all seemed well when Castiel made it back to our Earth … until Lucifer followed him. And worse, Lucifer put an angel blade through Castiel’s chest.

By the end of the hour, the plan had worked — Lucifer was trapped on the other Earth — but only because Mary got him there, and unfortunately, she went with him. But the biggest questions remain: Will either Crowley or Castiel’s deaths stick?! Could this be the end of the road for one, if not both, of them?


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Devil's Bargain

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