'As far as season finales go, this one's going to be one of the more emotionally taxing and traumatic that we've had in a long time,' Collins says
All Along the Watchtower
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Devil's Bargain

Castiel might be an angel, but he’s made quite a few mistakes over the years. And the last time Supernatural fans saw him, he admitted just how much those mistakes have stuck with him. His past failures haunt him, and that will continue into the final two episodes of season 12. “I think that mindset has been driving Castiel for an incredibly long time,” Misha Collins says. “He’s somebody who’s just overwrought with regret about his past failures and he is continuously renewing his commitment to right his past wrongs, no matter what the cost. We get into that ‘no matter what the cost’ mode again in really stark relief in the finale.”

When it comes to protecting Lucifer’s baby — a decision Castiel recently made — Collins claims that Castiel truly believes he’s making the right choice, though the actor admits the angel is “really playing with fire” this time. Furthermore, Collins says, “There are going to be some fairly epic consequences in the season finale.”

And let’s not forget, Castiel still supposedly has to suffer some epic consequences from killing Billie earlier in the season, a decision Collins says will fold back into the finale. “As far as season finales go, this one’s going to be one of the more emotionally taxing and traumatic that we’ve had in a long time,” he says.

One bit of good news? Castiel’s decision to defend Kelly won’t put him at odds with the Winchesters now that Lucifer’s free. “The band actually does get back together at the end,” Collins says. “We’re all fighting against a common enemy at the end.”

Supernatural airs its final two episodes Thursday at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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