Riley is preparing to give birth in the exclusive photos
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Credit: Eric McCandless/Freeform

Baby Diley is almost here, and it's just in time, considering Monday marks the 100th and final episode of Baby Daddy.

After 6 seasons, the Freeform comedy has reached its milestone 100th episode, which last week was announced will be the series finale. The monumental installment welcomes a second baby into the family, as Danny (Derek Theler) and Riley (Chelsea Kane) are bracing for the birth of their child. In the exclusive photos above and below, experienced father and soon-to-be uncle Ben (Jean-Luc Bilodeau) does his best to help Riley through the painful process.

Credit: Eric McCandless/Freeform

The end of the series is bittersweet for the extremely close cast and crew. That bond was on full display in February when the group connected themselves forever with matching tattoos to celebrate reaching 100 episodes. Starting with Bilodeau, the idea was instantly greeted with universal enthusiasm, as they each got marked with the design of a safety pin from the show's logo.

EW was on hand for the intimate gathering, as the cast toasted the occasion and reflected on achieving such a prestigious TV milestone, not knowing whether it would indeed be their last episode, even if it was written as a potential series finale (Melissa Peterman did jokingly advise to be careful where on the body the tattoo went since pilot season was approaching).

"I know that these people and this whole experience on the show will be with me forever," shared Kane. "So I really have no regrets putting something on my body that shows that because it's such a big part of me no matter what. After 100 episodes, I just feel so lucky that we still love each other so much that we want to be with each other, want to celebrate each other. But on top of that, I moved out here with a dream of working on a sitcom. My role models were Jennifer Aniston and Debra Messing. Without crying, it really has just felt like this is what I always wanted to do and to hit a milestone of 100 episodes, I know how lucky we are, I know that it's a very elite group. I'm all over the map emotionally. There's no middle ground, I'm sobbing or laughing. There's so much to be thankful for."

In an era of more television than ever, being on the air long enough to hit 100 episodes is still an impressive triumph. At 30 years old, Tahj Mowry has been in the business almost his entire life and led his own successful sitcom Smart Guy at age 11, and even the milestone had alluded him until now.

"This is my first time doing it as long as I've been in this business," he told EW. "That tells you right there how much of a feat and pivotal moment it actually is. It's awesome to have been able to do it with these guys. This is a blessing."

Added Bilodeau, "I couldn't imagine doing it with any other people."

The Baby Daddy series finale airs Monday on Freeform at 8:30 p.m. ET.

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