'Now at Fox, our reputation it could use a little bump/ 'Cause although we've brought you ratings/ We elected Donald Trump'

By Derek Lawrence
May 15, 2017 at 09:00 PM EDT
Steve Granitz/WireImage

One of Fox’s most prominent creative forces got plenty of jabs in at the network during Monday’s Upfronts.

Seth MacFarlane, the man behind Family Guy and the upcoming Orville, kicked off Fox’s presentation to advertisers with a song about the network, referencing Fox’s low ratings and lack of hit series.

He will look to buck that trend in the fall when his new science-fiction series Orville premieres. Orville will be MacFarlane’s second show on the network, joining Family Guy, which is returning for season 16.

Networks bringing out high-profile talent to take a few good-natured licks at their struggles is nothing new. Seth Meyers did the same for NBC earlier on Monday, while Jimmy Kimmel has been joking at ABC’s expense for the last few years.

Read MacFarlane’s full song below.

“Now the networks try to woo you / ‘All our shows are hits,’ they said / But they said the same thing last year / And those shows all s— the bed.

But on Fox, we’ve had hit series / And I’ll name a few real quick / There’s The Mick with Kaitlin Olson / Plus there’s Mick, Mick, Mick, and Mick.

Oh, and The Mick.

Just you watch us knock the socks off your goddamn TV box / And we’ll do the same thing next year / If even there’s still a Fox.

Yes, the broadcast network slate offers hits that resonate / And that’s a pretty simple challenge ’cause a ‘hit’ is 0.8.

Now at Fox, our reputation it could use a little bump / ‘Cause although we’ve brought you ratings / We elected Donald Trump.

But if you’re thinkin’ ads on YouTube are the way to reach the kids / Just remember your commercials will be shown on ISIS vids.

That’s no way, pal, to reach the kids.

Only network ads will do / Social platforms ain’t for you / ‘Cause who wants their ad placed under an emoji… of a poo?

So the networks are the choice / Buy them ads and then rejoice / Now I’ll close because you’re thinkin’ / ‘No one cares, man, do Stewie’s voice.'”