Katherine Langford has Lady Gaga to thank for her piano skills — not so much that she had a one-on-one tutorial with the “Poker Face” pop star, but Langford taught herself the instrument by following her on-stage example.

While appearing on The Tonight Show Friday, the 13 Reasons Why star described a concert she attended at the age of 16 as an “epiphany.”

“She did her big set and then she comes to the front of the stage and it’s just her and a piano and she did this song called ‘Princess Die,'” Langford told Jimmy Fallon. “I just remember being so enamored by her in that particular song that I went home and that week I taught myself how to play it. Like, I went on YouTube and I watched a tutorial.”

As she previously explained to EW in our latest cover story, this concert also made her want to pursue musical theater and, later, drama school. So, if it wasn’t for Gaga, Langford may not have become the rising star she is today.

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Gaga showed the actress some love on social media after hearing Langford was a fan. “I don’t have Twitter, right? So the way I found out, I was shooting a film, nighttime, didn’t have my phone, came back to my trailer and I kid you not there were like five messages, three missed calls,” Langford said. “My publicist is like, ‘Katherine, you need to go onto Twitter right now.’ And I was like, ’S—, my nudes have leaked.’ That was my thought.”

Thankfully, it was a much better scenario. Watch Langford in the clip above.

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