Spicey time!

By Jami Ganz
May 12, 2017 at 01:33 PM EDT

The Saturday Night Live Five-Timers Club is about to induct a new member.

On Saturday, Melissa McCarthy will join the likes of Tom Hanks, Steve Martin, Alec Baldwin, Tina Fey, and John Goodman when she hosts for the fifth time.

McCarthy, who picked up Emmy nominations for each of her previous hosting gigs on the sketch comedy series, has been making headlines recently for her impression of White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer — including Friday when McCarthy was spotted playing the White House official on the streets of New York. (Following McCarthy’s debut as the Press Secretary, Spicer said she “needs to slow down on the gum chewing; way too many pieces in there,” though he did admit to thinking her episode was “funny.”)

The other female members of the Five-Timers Club include Drew Barrymore (who first hosted when she was only 7), Candice Bergen (the first woman to host), and Scarlett Johansson (who joined the club when she hosted earlier this year). Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will join the club when he hosts next week.

To celebrate McCarthy’s entrance into SNL immortality, we rounded up her very best sketches. Enjoy the lolz ahead.

Opening Monologue

During her first opening monologue, McCarthy begins by warning her children to go to sleep, “’cause momma’s about to get pretty inappropriate.” She’s reunited with her Bridesmaids costar, Kristen Wiig as they “tear it up” in a jazzy song and dance number.


McCarthy portrays Arlene, who pulls out all the stops to seduce her coworker, Tim (Jason Sudeikis) and rid herself of her “lady boner.” From coffee-related one liners, to excessive touching, sending herself balloons, and busting some sick moves, Arlene will show you exactly what not to do in a place of business…or anywhere else, for that matter.

Taste Test

You probably don’t want to watch this one if you’re eating (or a fan of Hidden Valley), but McCarthy’s Linda is having the time of her life taste testing dressing (and for $50 no less!). If you love her physical comedy in Bridesmaids, you’ll love the way she handles that bottle of ranch.

Outside the Lines

No act is too intimidating or outlandish for McCarthy’s Sheila Kelly, an abusive basketball coach whose “reign of terror” includes verbally berating her players and even throwing bricks (and toasters) at them. On a spoof episode of ESPN’s Outside the Lines, McCarthy’s Kelly even manages to scare everyone, even Bill Hader into silence.

Pizza Business

McCarthy plays Barb Kelner (as she reminds Jason Sudeikis’ Mr. Sloan several times), a woman applying for a small business loan — what she calls a “pizza loan.” What is her business, you might ask? Well, Barb Kelner wants to make a living off of eating people’s leftover and unwanted pizza, making her The Pizza Eater (which she “can see that, like, on the side of my business van”).

Million Dollar Wheel

In this sketch, McCarthy plays letter-turner Nanelle — the host’s (Bill Hader) brother’s new girlfriend — on a game show reminiscent of Wheel of Fortune. Nanelle has “a lot to process” though when it comes to performing her complicated letter-turning duties.

Women’s Group

A new addition to her neighborhood Women’s Group, McCarthy’s PJ has different goals than her fellow suburban women. Rather than reconnecting with her spouse or indulging in photography, PJ is on a mission to avenge her father’s death. So while Denise (Nasim Pedrad) has a vision board that includes peonies, Jennifer Hudson, and yogurt, PJ’s shows the man she hopes to kill — as well as yogurt.

Girlfriend’s Talk Show

McCarthy plays “divorced adult lady” Donna Ruth Baker, who went from somber divorcée to a brightly dressed speed dater diving “into that dating pool just face first and [coming] up with just a mouthful of Hawaiian man meat.” Donna shimmies and openly recounts her exploits with new boyfriend Pua, even “the most beautiful lei” he gave her — though not the kind you’re thinking.

Pick-Up Artist

Following a lesson in picking up men, McCarthy’s Rhonda — who looks like Scooby Doo‘s Velma, but sadder — is still struggling to land a date. From the wrong kind of negging to mentioning her uncle (who might be a serial killer) and his trundle bed to suggesting morbid dates, Rhonda is the nightmare you have to see to believe.

Sean Spicer Press Conference Cold Open

Perhaps her most famous sketch to date, the debut of McCarthy’s Spicer impression has garnered more than 27 million views on YouTube thus far, and plenty of talk (even from the White House). McCarthy has since reprised the role on Feb. 11 and April 16 and will clearly play Spicer again on Saturday.

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