By Nick Romano
May 11, 2017 at 09:53 AM EDT
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Fans of NBC’s Timeless are still in mourning over the show’s cancellation after just one season, but is there more time-traveling adventures to be had at another network? This is the question the cast and crew are asking themselves, even as they make their goodbyes and thank viewers for their dedication.

“[It’s] true. NBC canceled #Timeless. We’re surprised & upset. Get you a longer response later,” co-creator Eric Kripke tweeted on Wednesday. Though, he added a hopeful note: “Odds are long, but trying to find another home.”

Co-creator Shawn Ryan confirmed “Sony will look for another outlet” to possibly revive Timeless, though he added, “Don’t know the viability of that, but know there’s intense fan love.”

Starting the hashtag #ResucitateTimeless, Ryan tweeted, “I’ve been inundated with #Timeless love by non show biz people more than any other show I’ve ever done. I feel bad for all of you today. So thanks to all of Team Timeless for your passion and [love] for the show. We’ll try to keep it alive.”

He continued, “Want to add I got a classy call from Bob Greenblatt and Jen Salke from @nbc who are heartbroken about the financially driven decision. Appreciate Bob, Jen and NBC giving us the canvas to tell 16 fun stories with our amazing cast.”

Stars Matt Lanter (Wyatt), Abigail Spencer (Lucy), and Malcolm Barrett (Rufus) were saddened by the cancellation news but recalled some of their favorite moments from Timeless.

In a series of tweets, Barrett added, “Believe me, having a show cancelled, after having my face on buses, isn’t the worst thing I’ve had happen to me.” He continued, “Since then I’ve been a pilot. … I’ve been a cowboy. … I got the girl. … I’ve been a toy. … I got to show our (Beautiful Black) humanity thru hard times. … I got to be part of a kick-ass #TimeTeam. … Met some amazing actors/friends. … I got to jump over comic-con audience. … And every once and awhile I got to be me.”

Some of that “intense fan love” Ryan referred to also took to Twitter, including one of the show’s most vocal fans, Leslie Jones.

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