Credit: SyFy

So, Syfy has unveiled a new logo.

This, you’ll recall, was the old logo:

Credit: SyFy

Which was very, very purple. And pretty basic and clean and relatively inoffensive except for the whole “let’s spell our network name with two Ys” thing.

That logo had replaced the channel’s previous logo from back when the network was known as Sci-Fi Channel. Here’s that one:


This logo was also decidedly purple, but had a groovy Saturn graphic — hey, it’s like outer space! It also had channel name that people recognized as being an actual thing before the phonetically challenged name rebranding in 2009 (“Syfy” does, at least, make it a whole lot easier to find the network’s content when doing Google searches).

Anyway, here is the network’s new logo. Just unveiled today:

Credit: SyFy

This is very much not purple. It’s even more yellow than the old one was purple. One Twitter user called the color “irradiated urine,” which seems harsh. It’s almost like a fluorescent highlighter.

Here’s how it looks from as a horizontal display, in case that makes it better. It kind of does:


Actually, it reminds me a bit of the Pac-Man-inspired logo for Ready Player One:


Which is a great sci-fi book, by the way, if you haven’t read it.

Or perhaps the logo for Best Buy?


Except that’s black on yellow.

What do you think of Syfy’s new logo?

It makes me think “tractor.”