"Are you seeing your imaginary girlfriend today?" one mom texted.

By Nick Romano
May 11, 2017 at 08:54 AM EDT

Ahead of Mother’s Day this Sunday, Jimmy Kimmel and his staffers on Jimmy Kimmel Live paid tribute to all the frank, TMI, unnecessary, and invasive texts we all receive from our mothers. The ones read out loud on the show Wednesday night were too real, but it’s always delivered with love.

First, the frank texts: “No one likes you,” one staffer read, having texted his mom a grocery list for dinner later that night. Another received this from her mommy dearest after sharing a photo of a new bathing suit, “It’s cute but you gotta start working out, your beautiful but [you’re] too heavy. You don’t want to get to the point where you can’t lose the weight. Even if u work out in your room.”

Then the TMI: “I am so frigging exhausted because my dog is a sh–tank,” begins another of these mom texts, before explaining a night of “sh– squirted all over the white throw rug in the dining room.”

And for anyone with a tech-inept parent, this one’s for you: “What is Facebook etiquette when someone pokes you? Do you poke back or what…”

Hear more of these gloriously mom-ish texts in the clip above.

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