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Warning: This story contains major spoilers from the season finale of The Catch. Read at your own risk!

Family betrayal abounded in The Catch finale, leading to a very big exit by season’s end.

As revealed in the penultimate episode, the mysterious new crime boss Mockingbird appears to be Tommy Vaughan, who essentially absorbed the Kensington Firm, telling Margot she can either work for him or wage war against him, but her company is done.

But Tommy’s not the only family member who betrayed everyone. Though it looked like Felicity had taken Tessa hostage and ransomed her in exchange for Rhys and Margot, Tessa has actually been working with Felicity this whole time in a bid to take over the Kensington Firm.

However, Tessa has a change of heart and decides to save her family — well, for a short while. See, Tommy isn’t actually Mockingbird, but he was paid to be the face of the new syndicate by actual Mockingbird Rhys, who built a new empire by taking over the companies they had taken down for the FBI.

Determined to arrest someone, Agent Diaz set her sights on Margot and Tessa, forcing Ben to save the duo and betray his deal with the FBI. The trio went on the run, leaving Alice and Danny behind. EW spoke with executive producer Allan Heinberg to dissect the finale. [Editor’s note: This interview took place before The Catch was canceled on Thursday.]

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Margot, Ben, and Tessa have to go on the run. Can you talk about the decision to end the season this way?
ALLAN HEINBERG: There were a lot of things going into it. It’s difficult to craft a satisfying season finale in any case, but crafting one that could also be your series finale is even tougher. We wanted to surprise the audience, and we wanted to make it epic and memorable and satisfying, but leaving things not completely tied up so that we’d have new conflicts if we did get picked up for a third season. Since Ben made a sacrifice at the end of the previous season, I was convinced coming into this season that I knew Alice had to make the biggest sacrifice in the finale. That’s something we talked about on the very first day of breaking season 2. We have to keep creating new obstacles and the tension and the fun in Ben and Alice’s relationship so that the audience is never tired of it. We keep discovering new dynamics within it. So I knew they’d be separated by the end of the season, and I knew that Alice would make that sacrifice.

So there was no thought about sticking her on the plane?
No, not really. I was a little bit nervous about doing that because we had Olivia get on the plane with Jake at the end of season 3 of Scandal, so I was a little wary about doing that. It’s an idea that we played with at the end of season 1 as well, and they had the plane tickets, so the temptation is always there, but I never want to make it too easy for them to be together and live happily ever after.

How is this going to affect Ben and Alice’s relationship? Will Alice worry this will bring the family closer? And will Ben then worry that Ethan might make his move while Ben is gone?
Absolutely. In season 3, if we’re lucky enough to be able to make it, I will say in all modesty, it’s awesome. I can’t say too much about it in case we do end up going, but all of those conflicts end up playing out hugely in season 3. Season 3 resets the entire show and reframes all the conflicts and all the relationships in the same way that season 2 did. It’s a brand new show when we come back, or if we come back.

Even if Alice can clear Ben’s name, his deal is done, so will he essentially never be able to return?
Well, for the purposes of shooting in L.A., I think Ben will find a way to return. [Laughs.] And because Alice is here, I don’t think he’s going to be able to stay away, no matter what. He’ll have to start sneaking around again and be very clever to get around Agent Diaz if and when he does return. I think that Alice also goes after him, so she doesn’t necessarily stay in L.A.

Will Alice question whether she should join him?
The relationship is not done by any means. They’re still calling each other via satellite phone, she’s stealing away for secret trips to Brazil or Berlin in order to see him. I think they’re going to keep it going as best they can internationally until it becomes too difficult, but that’s all part of the season 3 pitch.

Would Agent Diaz, who was an ally this season, become the villain next year?
Well, Gina Torres has a Suits spin-off that’s in the works, so we would use Gina for as much as she is available before that takes off. With all the relationships, we don’t really have any villains on The Catch. Everybody is walking both sides of the line, and everybody is sympathetic, so I think she’s definitely the authority figure, and she definitely is left with egg on her face at the end of the season. She’s been betrayed principally by Rhys, with whom she had been growing closer over the course of the season. That’s a very complicated relationship. She has to save face with the FBI, but she’s also in the same situation that Alice found herself in in the pilot in that Rhys was lying to her the entire time — or was he? Were Rhys’ feelings real? Will we be able to explore that when we come back?

Was it always the plan to have Rhys end up being Mockingbird? And how is that going to shake things up next year as Ben seems determined not to just take him down, but to kill him?
Getting Ben and Rhys back together is going to take a number of episodes in season 3, and their relationship is never going to be the same. When we meet Rhys is season 3, he’s in an even more different power dynamic; he’s even more powerful than he was at the end of season 2. It’s not going to be easy to take Rhys down by any means. The Feds can’t really touch him, and Ben won’t be able to touch him, so they’re going to have to be really creative. Of course, going into season 3, all Rhys wants is to make everything okay with Ben and Alice. He realizes he thoughtlessly destroyed everything, and all he wants to do is rebuild their friendships. It’s going to be tough on both sides. But yeah, that was always our plan. I didn’t want to do another season with Rhys as a ruthless murderer. I wanted to explore the softer side of Rhys, if you will, and then reveal that he was actually the wolf in sheep’s clothing the entire time, just manipulating everybody. That was our goal — to seduce the audience into forgetting that Rhys is this really lovable psychopath. But we wanted to seduce the audience into forgetting how really dangerous Rhys is, and how you can’t trust him.

Would Tessa play a big role next year? And should we always not trust her moving forward?
Well, she’s Margot’s daughter. She comes to this genetically and by trade, so I think it’s the same with Margot, and to a certain degree Ben, too — she’s a survivor. Ben does it more for fun than survival, but Margot’s instincts are extremely survival-oriented, and so are Tessa’s. The nice thing about Margot and Tessa is they are being honest with you most of the time about who they are and what they want, but whether or not they’re on your side is always going to be up for question.

Is the Kensington Firm really gone?
I’m going to say no. In season 3, the Kensington Firm roars back to life in a very unexpected way.

Would there be a time jump next season?
I don’t know if I’m allowed to talk about it, but we have not ruled that out.

We didn’t get much on Sophie in the finale, but there was a mention her family wants to sue. Would that story line pick up next year?
We would definitely find out. Yes, that would be picked up, and we would find out exactly what transpired in season 3.

How will both Margot and Alice feel about Danny staying behind?
I think Danny comes into focus for Alice in an entirely new way after this finale. When Alice sees how serious Margot is about Danny, sees that it’s real, it’s going to deepen her understanding of who Danny is. Danny really grew up this season, and he grew up in Alice’s eyes, so there’s a new maturity and a new respect. Also, the fact that he stayed for Alice is incredibly touching, because that’s the thing that she would do. Their relationship is going to be stronger and deeper as a result. And for Margot, it’s why she loves Danny. As frustrating as it is, the fact that he chose to be loyal and remain with Alice, who has his first loyalty and has known him the longest and to whom he owes everything, that’s part of why Margot loves him and has fallen for him.

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