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Tommy Vaughan has returned with a vengeance!

After disappearing with $3 million and turning his back on his sister Alice (Mireille Enos) earlier this season, Tommy (T.R. Knight) reappeared in the penultimate episode, where it was seemingly revealed that Tommy is the mysterious player Mockingbird, who is making a bid to be the new crime boss in Los Angeles.

“Tommy wants to get away with as much as he possibly can,” EP Allan Heinberg tells EW. “He would love to be the crime boss controlling the entire city, he would love to make everything right with Alice, which is exactly the opposite of his goal in being the leading crime boss of the city. He’s a kid who just goes for as much as he can possibly get away with in any given circumstance. He’s going to push Margot as far as he can.”

However, Alice will have a tough time believing her brother has fallen so far. “Knowing what we know about Tommy and his past behavior, I’m not sure that Alice is completely convinced that he’s capable of being the new leading crime boss of Los Angeles,” Heinberg says. “I think she’ll probably be suspicious when she finds out.”

But Tommy’s not the only adversary in the finale as Felicity (Shivani Ghai) appeared to take Tessa (Philippa Coulthard) hostage in the penultimate — a story that will dovetail into what Tommy is after in the finale. “We’re going to see the full extent of Felicity’s revenge on Rhys and Margot and their entire family,” Heinberg says. “In the course of trying to take over what they have, she’s going to find herself coming face-to-face with Mockingbird, which even she doesn’t see coming. All of these disparate storylines that have played out over the course of the season are all going to converge in the finale as Felicity, in trying to take down the family, finds herself vying for power opposite Tommy.”

The Catch finale airs Thursday at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

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