The Adventures of Pete & Pete

From a Double Dare anniversary special to a Legends of the Hidden Temple movie, and now an Invader Zim one, Nickelodeon has been serving up some serious nostalgia lately. And now, it’s set to do so some more at the ATX Television Festival.

The network will be the focus of a panel titled “From SNICK to Splat: Where Kids Are King” which will provide fans with a behind-the-scenes look at three of their classic shows: Hey Dude, Salute Your Shorts, and The Adventures of Pete and Pete.

Panelists currently scheduled to appear include Hey Dude cast members David Lascher and Kelly Brown, along with writer Graham Yost (Justified), as well as Salute Your Shorts creator Steve Slavkin and cast member Danny Cooksey. Also scheduled to appear are The Adventures of Pete & Pete creator Chris Viscardi, and cast members Danny Tamberelli, and Michael C. Maronna.

And that’s not the only surprise awaiting fans of Nickelodeon’s older series. Starting June 17, NickSplat will start airing special episodes of The Adventures of Pete & Pete that will include brand-new content featuring the cast.

Also included in this year’s ATX line-up: An EW-sponsored Battlestar Galactica reunion; Pretty Little Liars and Famous in Love screenings and panel discussions; an Alias Writers’ Room reunion; the festival’s first Network Presidents panel; and much more. For more information about programming, click here. The ATX Festival runs from June 8-11 in Austin, Texas.

Special episodes of The Adventures of Pete & Pete will start airing on Saturday, June 17 at 10 p.m. ET on NickSplat.

The Adventures of Pete & Pete
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