For his first stint as Saturday Night Live host, Chris Pine used his time to set the record straight: he’s not Chris Evans or Chris Hemsworth or Chris Pratt.

“As many of you know, I have a movie coming out this weekend. It’s called Guardians of the Galaxy,” he said as the audience cheered, his trick paying off. “See, you see, I knew that was going to happen. I’m not in Guardians of the Galaxy. That is Chris Pratt. I am Chris Pine.”

Bringing out Leslie Jones, who’s “seen all of my movies,” he said, she wasted no time telling everyone Pine’s true identity. “You’re Captain America, Chris Evans … Hemsworth … Piiiiiine, okay, that’s good enough,” she said before snapping a selfie (which she really did, and posted to Twitter, below, with the caption, “Just met Thor!!”).

To help prove his point, the star of the upcoming Wonder Woman broke into song — calling back to his royal role in the 2014 Disney musical Into the Woods — performing his opening monologue set to Billy Joel’s ’80s hit “Uptown Girl.”

“I’m not that Chris / I look just like him, but I’m not that Chris / Not Pratt or Hemsworth, I’m a different guy / Not Evans either, I’m my own cool vibe,” the 36-year-old sang in front of a large poster identifying each of the four “white guy” action movie stars, before cast member Kate McKinnon joined him on stage to help dispel any confusion about the four men.

“You’re in Star Trek, and, uh, Wonder Woman,” she acknowledged as she referenced the notes on her hands, then explaining why everyone gets them confused. “You know what? I think it’s because you’re all named Chris and you’re all kinda scruffy and squinty and jacked, but in a sweet way.”

As the song progressed, though, McKinnon realized why the Chris quintet gets so easily confused. “You’re always at the airport wearing raggedy tees that are tight just around the pecs, and you have bracelets with wooden beads from Bali or wherever,” she said. “I have one, but it is from Hawaii,” he clarified.

Despite the poster, Pete Davidson still couldn’t figure out if Pine plays Steve Rogers, a.k.a. Captain America, or Steve Trevor from Wonder Woman.

“Aren’t you this one?” Davidson says, point to Evans. “That’s my face, man,” Pine says, point to his mug on the poster. “Nah, I think that’s Ryan Reynolds,” the SNL regular joked.

See the sketch above.

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