Republicans and Democrats are not on the same page with health care, he argued

Bill Maher commended Jimmy Kimmel on Friday night for his plea for nationwide health care following the revelation that his newborn son has a congenital heart disease. "He brought this issue into American living rooms in a way it wouldn't have been done before," he said on Real Time. But, the host said Kimmel got one thing wrong with his monologue, emotionally moving as it was.

"Jimmy said, 'If your baby's going to die and it doesn't have to, it shouldn't matter how much money you make. I think that's something, whether you're a Republican or a Democrat, we all agree on,'" Maher said. "Unfortunately, that's not true and that needs to be said. One side wants to tax rich people so babies don't have to die and one side is mostly against that, and this lets Republicans off the hook. Let's not f— around with this. We are not on the same page with this. This is not a squabble."

As the discussion among panelists commenced, including with The New Yorker writer George Packer and activist Maya Wiley, Maher further blasted the Republicans who voted to pass Trumpcare along to the Senate. "People will die and they know it, and it's a price they're willing to pay," he said. "We are not all on the same page, we don't all agree."

Maher's biggest problem with the "we all can agree" claim is "that's what makes people not vote." According to him, Americans think, "It's just a petty squabble. You know what we need? We need some kind of outside dealmaker who can come in and shake things up."

The host used former Congressman Joe Walsh as an example. Last Tuesday, Walsh tweeted, "Sorry Jimmy Kimmel: your sad story doesn't obligate me or anybody else to pay for somebody else's health care."

"And that is their view," Maher said.

Earlier on Friday's Real Time, Maher railed against the Trumpcare plan in his opening monologue, warning Americans to "never underestimate these bastards."

"We thought we had them a couple of months ago," he said. "Health care came up in the House, didn't pass. Awe, these f— ups. They did it. They did it the other day. They told Jimmy Kimmel's baby, 'Go screw yourself.' … And then the nerve of them, after they did this, after they kicked 24 million people off or more health care, they threw a party in the Rose Garden to celebrate it. There they are. Look at them high-fiving each other and congratulating. Look at these white a–holes. Somewhere there's an Elks Lodge going, 'Where's everybody?'"

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